Linear Vertical Packing Machine with 4 Scales

Linear Vertical Packing Machine with 4 Scales

Yuksel Packaging Machines Technology Industry Trade Limited Co. produces fully automatic packaging machine with linear scales in this sector with its 15 years of experience. This machine is mostly used for pulses, tea and granulated sugar, nuts, bird feed and fish feed, powder detergent etc. It is used in the packaging of granular products. In addition, 4-pan scale groups with a linear working system do not work in a sequential manner.As soon as the linear scale groups are started, all vibration troughs are started to be manually discharged to the pans. According to the determined weight amount, which pan reaches first, that pan is opened and the product inside is emptied into the packaging machine. In these periods, the scales start to work and the product unloaded into the packaging machine is adhered by the vertical jaw in A+A or A+B depending on the bonding form of the package coming from the collar section.The lower jaw group cuts the package by sticking the upper part of the package after pulling the package length as much as the photocell point on the package. Bellows (seated) package system can be added optionally for high weight packages.Product Code: YMS-L EVERESTProduction Capacity5-25 packages depending on the product and weightPackage typespillow, bellows,Packed product500-5000 gr. pulses, granulated sugar; 500-10000 gr. powder detergent and granular productsFilling systemLiner filling with 4 scalesPackage typesOPP- CPP – and other laminated filmsDimensions of the machine2200*2700*3450 mm (dimensions excluding elevator)Installed Electric Power8 kWAverage Electricity Consumption5 kWAir consumption of the machine6-8 bars 500ltMachine’s feeding systemautomatic elevatorProduct transport conveyorConveyor belt conforming to food standardsControl systemPLC control and reportingHeat controlautomatic heat control unitTechnical Specifications:
  • Weighing is done with a 4-pan linear balance.
  • It is used for filling granular and powdery products.
  • Agriculture Ideal for sensitive and fast packaging of products such as pasta, candies, nuts, legumes, detergent granules.
  • The whole system is touch PLC controlled.,

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Get to Know Us Vision Mission

As one of the well-established companies in the machinery industry, Yuksel Packaging Machines Technology Industry Trade Limited Co.  with its 15 years of experience.

It has contributed to the national economy with its domestic and international sales in this sector.

In addition, with the packaging machine promotion activities carried out by the company, it has reached a certain market share in the foreign market and has become a company that exports to many different countries.

It is the leading brand in the sector by bringing our packaging machines, which we produce in international quality standards for different product groups, with the whole world market, and by providing maximum benefit to our stakeholders, with our innovative perspective and R&D activities that make a difference. to be.

To offer our machines to the service of our current and potential stakeholders by expanding our product range day by day, thanks to our expert and well-equipped personnel, experienced technical service team, R&D activities and our cutting-edge design approach.